Back Home in Landing Run, due this fall.


September 5, 2013


Back Home in Landing Run, due this fall, is a story about an outsider’s quest for acceptance in 1910, the year of Halley’s Comet. A small, Catholic community shuns Emmalene Hershall, a beautiful, Protestant stranger who has married an elderly moonshiner from the area. For over one hundred years the Catholics that settled Central Kentucky had felt superior to the Protestants. Two narrators speak in the first-person: Emmalene and the young man of Landing Run, Les Richman, who falls in love with her. The work develops stories that convey the essence of the place itself. Written with respect and affection, Back Home in Landing Run portrays small-town gossip and jealousy, while depicting the contradictions of work and religion versus adultery, drinking and prejudice.

The novel will be released this fall, published by MotesBooks–ask your local bookseller to order it, or purchase it from the usual online sources.Image


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2 Responses to Back Home in Landing Run, due this fall.

  1. Scarlett says:

    Given the honor to have read “Back Home in Landing Run” in its infancy, I am so very excited to have and hold the finished copy in my greedy little hands! Les and Emmalene’s love story, caught up in a storm of prejudice and down home traditions, opened my eyes to the hard-earned and lived ways of my backwoods Kentucky ancestors. Simply wonderful!

  2. Mary, this is such a good omen! You and I have been twin spirits since we first met at Spalding, so I can’t wait to see how this novel has progressed. I’m so happy for you: even when I doubted my first novel, and actually set my second one aside for a few years, you have constantly had faith in Landing Run. I’ve learned my lesson from that and have finally taken John Gardner’s advice I read in the 1990’s about not “frittering away” your time on anything else when you’re working on a novel. As soon as Landing Run is out, I’ll be in line to get it autographed!

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