At last! Back Home in Landing Run, pub date October 12!

After many years of research and writing, my first novel is available!

~ “When Halley’s Comet came through in May 1910 it made big news. Here in Landing Run, some said it was a sign of good things, like a great president being born, while others said it meant doomsday – floods and poison gas killing us all. Whichever it was, two months later Meadors Sawmill blew up and everything changed in our little community in central Kentucky, especially for me. If the sawmill hadn’t of blown up, then Dolin Linkahan wouldn’t have needed a quiet place to get well – with me, Emmalene Hershall, as his nurse. And without Dolin at my house, then Les Richman wouldn’t’ve come over ever day. Then he wouldn’t’ve got a job working in my old husband’s moonshine and I wouldn’t be the cause of Les leaving Landing Run and, worse, of what happened to Old Man Hershall. Sometimes I still go over how things came about. Being twenty years old and just married to a stooped, white-haired, eighty-four-year-old man was enough to set tongues a-going.” So begins Emmalene’s tale, deftly told by its author, Mary Popham. ~ And here’s what reviewers have said about BACK HOME IN LANDING RUN: “Here is a romance as sweet as a Kentucky jam cake.”-Sena Jeter Naslund. “Back Home in Landing Run is a vivid story of a community in crisis and a woman coming into her own.”-George Ella Lyon. “This book is put together like a beloved quilt, out of all the treasures in the trunk. It carries in its stitching (and the stitching is expert) deep familiarity and love and assurance.”-Mary Ann Taylor-Hall. ~ [fiction, 148 pages,] ~

Available through Powell’s Books, and

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