Kentucky is a Paradise for readers and writers!

On Friday October 25, I attended an event for the Corn Island Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and heard the fantastic writer and speaker, Eddie Price. The author of Widder’s Landing: Life and Love on the Kentucky Frontier, which just won a Reader’s Favorite Award, is a retired history teacher who does presentations dressed in authentic Kentucky 1812 clothing complete with powder horn and haversack. He spoke in unhesitating, perfect sentences of events in his book from a comet’s light that was only surpassed by Halley’s Comet, the New Madrid earthquake’s massive destruction, making whiskey, plowing with mules, working in tobacco, and the War of 1812, where Kentucky played such a vital part and as a state lost the greatest percentage of men. Eddie had us answering quizzes, singing songs, and laughing at his personal anecdotes. He is an entertainer who goes far beyond recounting history using accents, barking like a dog, making sounds like a rocket in its red glare, and quoting Andrew Jackson. He is already writing the sequel to his popular book and his legions of fans are waiting.

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One Response to Kentucky is a Paradise for readers and writers!

  1. Wils Murphy says:

    This guy sounds like a whole event unto himself. Your description was almost as good as being there.

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