Thanksgiving, 2013

Blog: November 28, 2013

My thanksgiving during this day is greater than in other years, and it is more than I can say in an ordinary prayer of gratitude. For in this memorable year of the blessings of health and love in my family circle, new friends and old friendships resurrected, I add thanks for my literary dreams come true. I find no better expression than to send out my long-ago prayer on this day of general Thanksgiving.


 What is God? asks the Soul. God is the conception only you have the power to make. It is the creator of the songbird and the song itself. It is the sweetness of the flower and the strength of the medicine from ancient roots in deep forests. It is the light of knowledge and the truth that balances the scales of justice. It is the crying and mewing of a newborn baby and the life-sustaining milk from the mother’s breast. It is in the heart of a friend who smiles and gives encouragement to one who feels she cannot cope. It is water flowing pure and clean. It is the sun beaming its health into crops. It is the warmth that turns seed into fruit. It is the seed and the flower and the nutrient and the perfect fruit. It is the power that activates the brain cells. It is the thought—THE WORD MADE FLESH. It is the body that is manifest. It is the comfort of knowing right from wrong. It is rightness. God sends the angel and is the angel. God makes the man and is the man. God provides the grace and is the grace, and is what grace brings. It is the courage that gives grace to man to persevere in the face of heart disease, cancer, AIDS, drugs, murder, suicide, Alzheimer’s, insanity, cruelty, prejudice, being ignored and being unloved. It is the Who we pray to, what we pray for, what we receive when we pray, and Who we thank for what we receive. God is love, God sends love, and God keeps love flowing forever.

            All this is God? asks the Soul. It is all good, all power, all light, and all love? It is everything, creates everything, keeps everything in being, and will last forever? It is much too wonderful to comprehend. What is God?


Mary Popham, 1996

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