Sensory Series Part Two: Be a Welty

Writers read other writers, right? Don’t miss this one by Julia Blake. It is a must if you love Eudora Welty.

Literary Labors (and the Occasional Cheese Dip)

As a native Mississippian, I grew up learning about and reading works written by Eudora Welty. Last year when I led a small group discussion on “No Place for You, My Love,” I’m pretty sure all of my writerly friends wanted to knock me over the head to get me to shut up about how fantastic I thought it was. (I’ll actually explore this story in a later blog post, so stay tuned.)

Eudora Welty was a force in Jackson and continues to be so after her death. When she was alive and I still lived in the South, I would hear about Eudora sightings. I actually had one myself, when I attended a play at New Stage Theatre. I was seventeen, and my mother pointed her out , seated close to the stage. She was talking to some people who had come up to her, and my mom encouraged…

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