Review: David Domine in Literary Labors

Despite the postcard images, the Nelson County of Back Home in Landing Run is a place rife with tension. Moonshiners have to outsmart the revenuers, family feuds simmer, and there is no small amount of mistrust between Catholics and Protestants. In the midst of all this arrives Emmalene, a beautiful young woman who has entered into a marriage of convenience with a much older and wealthier man. Although he is mistrustful of his neighbors, the gruff and secretive man entrusts Emmalene with the care of his special-needs grandson and the affection she develops for the little boy becomes mirrored by the affection that the local community grows to have for her. When some of this affection starts coming from two local men who see Emmalene as a potential love interest, the story takes an interesting turn.

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