My review on amazon, amazing book, My Blessed Wretched Life: Rebecca Boone’s Story

This fantastic book is your next Must-read!
For born and bred Kentuckians, and for every transplant that has fallen in love with our state, My Blessed, Wretched Life: Rebecca Boone’s Story is the book to read next. Sue Kelly Ballard transforms the true history of early Kentucky pioneer days into a gripping, touching, and realistic tale. It is not only the story of love that Rebecca has for her trail-blazing, hero husband, Daniel Boone, but also love for their family, including those who become close through sharing hardships and triumphs. With historical accuracy and a lyrical voice, the author depicts the magnetic beauty of the land itself, its high and low mountains, lakes and rivers, game-filled forests. She writes believably of the satisfaction when soul and body face hardship yet summon the strength to persist. Told in the voice of Rebecca, Sue Ballard brings us the unforgettable images of the cabin full of life, the pot cooking on the hearth, the strength of the mother reflected in the dear faces around her. This is an extremely well-written and important book for Kentucky. Submitted by Mary Popham, author of Back Home in Landing Run.

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