The Cherokee Roundtable, represented at Women Who Write, “Exploring the Writer’s Craft”

Hello Everyone,
Tomorrow I will be representing the Cherokee Roundtable in a panel discussion
with Women Who Write. The conference, “Exploring the Writer’s Craft,” is
packed with interesting people, and the sharing of information on what we love, writing.
I will be one of four on a lunchtime panel focusing on regional resources and
groups for writers, and I will tell all about our fabulous group!
We, in the CRT, have an amazing support system, and provide encouragement to publish. The proof is in the pudding, and focusing only on books produced this summer,
we have:

1. Sue Kelly Ballard, My Blessed, Wretched Life: Rebecca Boone’s Story, Butler Books.

2. Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr., [Reggie] Cosmos: The Stellar Stalker, Williams Printing Company.

3. Jerry Lee Rodgers, play produced in book format, “Mrs. Lincoln and the Enemy.”

4. Sheila Joyce Strunk [Pyle] Sweet Evening Breeze: And Other Kentucky Characters, Communities and Chronicles, MotesBooks.

Congratulations to all who have produced or are in the midst of publishing plays, films, articles, poetry, letters to the editor, and other literary accomplishments. The Cherokee Roundtable is proud to have you as a member. Attached is an updated “History and Rules” of our group which I will be handing out, tomorrow at the event.

Below is a link to Insider Louisville’s article about the Women Who Write
conference with all the details.

Your Events Coordinator,

‘Exploring the Writer’s Craft’

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