♪G-L-O-R-I-A♪ (Steinem, that is)

Thought-provoking and needed essay by Kelly Morris.

Literary Labors (and the Occasional Cheese Dip)

I’m fascinated by how people’s lives either echo or repudiate their parents’ lives… We can repeat our parent’s mistakes or we can bend over backwards not to repeat them and end up making mistakes of contrariness, but either way, we’re still under their influence. – Anne Tyler

I’ve been known to half-jokingly say that I received an informal crash course in child psychology, sexual politics, and gender studies from staying home with my children for ten years. It’s no surprise, then, that these were the themes that cropped up in my earlier short stories. My story “The Favor,” published in the current issue of Epiphany Magazine, centers around a woman who might have accidentally orchestrated the kidnapping of her child as a way to teach her ex-husband a lesson; “At the Zoo,” published in the November 2015 issue of Gravel, centers around a twenty-year-old women’s studies major trying…

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My Spalding MFA World Travels with Katy and Friends

Kathleen, this is sensational!

Spalding MFA

By Kathleen Driskell
Spalding MFA Associate Program Director

I’m delighted to be leading our Spalding MFA summer abroad residency in Edinburgh, July 12-24, with Katy Yocom, Associate Program Director, and Ellyn Lichvar, Administrative Assistant. With our distinguished summer 2017 MFA faculty Silas House, Shane McCrae, Dianne Aprile, Leslea Newman, Charlie Schulman, and Helena Kriel, we are planning a bonnie curriculum for our students and alumni, along with exciting cultural experiences for them and their family members and guests who come along for this great Scottish adventure.

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Where I’m From – Nelson County

Where I’m From by Mary Popham, Nelson County

I am from the knobs of Nelson County,

from Catholics, bourbon, corn and tobacco.

I am from a country store,  the Monks Road, the Beech Fork River,

the old pike, the public school taught by nuns.

I am from a mama who sewed and  sang, a daddy, the fiddler, who built our  house.

I am from the weeping willow, the  landmark of our home.
I’m from roses, garden vegetables, a  milk cow,

From backyard chickens and  purple martin boxes.

From the poison tree, fried  squirrel and biscuits.

I’m from singing Latin in the church  choir and pig-Latin and the book mobile.
I’m from letters saved and journals kept,

From Landing Run Creek and stories the  aunts told.

From the May March and First  Communion veils.
I’m from the Sears Roebuck catalog and  Elvis pin-ups.

From the wonder of  listening to the blues station on the radio at night,

then standing at the windowsill  dreaming of my future husband.


As published on Kentucky Arts Council website established by Kentucky Poet Laureate, George Ella Lyon – Where I’m From

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Coming soon from Barbizon Hall Press: Short fiction, Love is a Fireplace

Featuring stories of Rosalee who, while working at her dad’s rural store during the summer of 1952, falls in love with a young red-headed man when he steps down from the Greyhound bus; and of a middle-aged woman named Jenny who, employed by Gold Plate Catering, while serving a wedding reception at Historic Gardencourt in Louisville, reflects on the love life involving previous owners, the Norton sisters, as well as her own failed marriage.

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Speed Family Heritage Recipes

Speed Family Heritage Recipes — I love cookbooks! As a member of the Corn Island Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, I am especially proud of the work done by committee to produce Speed Family Heritage Recipes. I can taste the brandy and ice-cream in “Jane Cochran Speed’s Eggnog,” the mushrooms and peppers in “Aunt Aurilla Bowman’s Chicken ala King,” and the sweetness of “Aunt Bell Quigley’s Sugar Pie.” With an opportunity to use donated recipes collected by Hattie Speed Ream Nickell, volunteers set up meetings to produce the book as a fundraiser for Corn Island’s designated historical preservation project, the Farmington Historical Plantation, originally the home of the Speed family. What sets this cookbook apart are the historical notes about the original cooks, and the story of Farmington. The flavor of the times is imparted as thoroughly as the measurement of ingredients and instructions which were converted into 21st century terms. Peggy Grimes, Martha Tomazic, Terry Pyles, editor Susan E. Lindsey, and publisher Cheri Powell pulled together the book from recipes donated by Miles McDonnell, who owned the family’s collection. Diane Young, executive director at Farmington, served as liaison between the board and cookbook committee. With monumental help from testers, tasters, and other volunteered services, the book is now available for sale at amazon.com. David Domine, writer and local historian wrote in the foreword, “Fond of art and music, the Speeds placed great value on education and they loved good food.” Tom Owen, historian and archivist, says in the afterword, “My wish for you is that these tried-and-true recipes will attract good fellowship to your table where more voices will be heard than those of the people sitting right near you.”

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My Spalding 2003 MFA garden

After my 2003 Spalding MFA graduation, I thought about what each mentor had done for me and my fiction, Back Home in Landing Run.


Roy Hoffman plowed the ground, turned it over, and rearranged the whole garden.

Connie May Fowler added the sunshine, rain, and nutrients.

Robin Lippincott hoed the weeds, and tied the vines to the poles.

Phil Condon helped in harvesting, advised what to pick, what to cull, and where to market.

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Indie Lou Author Series Event – Main Branch, downtown

Monday, June 13, 6 pmIndie Lou Authors Event June 13 2016

The Louisville Free Public Library is offering an Indie Lou Author Series Event that is held at either the Main Branch, downtown, or the southwest location. It is a no-charge event held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, and is open to Louisville and/or Kentuckiana authors. All proceeds from book sales go to the authors. The event begins at 6 and should end at 7 or 7:30. Parking meters are free after 6 pm. There are spaces outside the library and at the little metered lot off York across from the library.

Usually, this program is for individual authors but our group, The Cherokee Roundtable, has been given permission to set up tables for eleven of us who have published books. We will be in the Centennial Room at the Main Branch at 4th and York on Monday, June 13th. We will each have small introductory remarks. Come out to have an evening of enjoyment with your writer and reader friends at The Cherokee Roundtable.

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